In a world where land is a precious commodity, the skies are both welcoming and menacing. Do you have what it takes to be a MIST KNIGHT?


Cash is King, and everyone's got a price. And in the year 2369, no one knows this better than a COSMIC RAT...

Our Mission: To create imaginative interactive entertainment that, at the very least, makes you go "hmmm..."

  • " IKARUGA "

    ...THE CODER...

    This guy is the driving force behind all of our games here at LCG. To put it simply, if “Luddite” is the exterior/interior aesthetics of a powerful car, Ikaruga is the high-performance engine that makes the whole thing work.

  • " AINOKEA "

    ...THE THINKER...

    PR Maven, musician, “idea guy” and super QA Tester, Ainokea often has his hands full here at LCG.

  • " LUDDITE "

    ... THE VISUALIST ...

    More than just a “visual generalist”, Luddite wears so many imagery related hats here at LCG he is what defines the “look and feel” of every game we put out!

Our Games: We work hard to create interactive moments that will stick with you long after the end credits have rolled. Here's what we have/are working on right now...



Our Blog: This is where we'll try to keep you all apprised of what we're up to...


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    KrizzikHey everybody! Apologies for anyone tracking this page, as we’ve been offline and VERY busy working on various projects indirectly related to the two games listed above as well as the game that was alluded to last year (still can’t mention anything yet). Additionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, we’ve had to unexpectedly change some things around with our hosts. We’ll do our best to get better at updates here, and apologize again for the lack of updates…


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    KrizzikHey everybody! Apologies for anyone tracking this page, as we’ve been offline since Monday due to the recent ICANN audit (hence all of the silence). Concerning the announcement from January, yes, a new game is in fact underway for the PC, “portables” (IOS/Android) and at least one of the three big console makers (The Big N). Concept art and general art assets are rapidly being finished and the game’s overall design was completed over a month ago. What’s it called? We’ll tell you very soon. What about the other titles? They’re still “in progress” but more effort is being placed on this current title. More news to come shortly…


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    KrizzikHey everybody, and Happy New Year! So,  A LOT of things have changed here in the past couple months (hence all of the silence). Don’t worry though, production samples of what was to be/what may still be MIST KNIGHTS will still be shared soon (just need more time to edit a few things here and there). In the meantime, we’re working on a new project concurrently with COSMIC RATS, the title of which is still TBD. Another “new game” before the other announced ones can even be finished?? Yeah, I know…it’s a long, complicated story. All that being said, please be wear with us as we get our proverbial house in order…


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    KrizzikHey guys. As you may have noticed there have been no updates in the last few weeks. Things have been pretty busy here, but hopefully this month I can get up some info about MIST KNIGHTS’ recent shelving. Please hang in there until then!


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    Well, things have actually been very tumultuous in the last few weeks. For reasons beyond our control, we are placing MIST KNIGHTS on indefinite hold. Sadly, while I’m not at liberty to go into all of the details concerning this decision, I can say that it was the right decision to make for this time. Production will still continue on our other titles (albeit at a much slower pace), so please stay tuned for news on that.

           BTW, you may have noticed that a whole month appears to be missing. Well, you’d be right. Due to an unrelated server issue, we’ve had to roll-back to a previous backup. Don’t worry though, you didn’t miss a thing. In the next few weeks, I’ll be posting up some of the concept art and story designs for what MIST KNIGHTS was meant to be if only so that all of you could see what this game was going to be about.


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    Hi guys! Look like these updates are gonna come at least once a month or so given how busy we are here; apologies in advance if that’s too infrequent (got a lot of painting/modeling/animating to do still). Anyways, one of the things we’ve been focusing on recently for MIST KNIGHTS  is something for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the game that we hope will get you all motivated to literally “get in the game“:

    An example "MIST KNIGHTS" ID Card...

    An example “MIST KNIGHTS” ID Card…

    Basically, while this tool will be in the game as part of the character creation process, the ID portion (what you see above) will be open to folks who contribute to our Kickstarter campaign. What’s the difference? Well, aside from the personalized ID card you’d receive (an actual physical card that would be mailed to you for the donation), you’ll also be able to help pad out our game’s fictional ship crew. From choosing rank, title, ship section (Command, Engineering, et cetera)  and more, you can literally help us design a portion of our game’s visual story.

    In fact, based on what you’d like to fund us, the character you design with our custom utility can be a principle actor/actress in the game’s narrative! It’s something that we think is a cool idea, and we hope you’ll agree! More on this, our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, as well as game details in general (ie: what the heck is MIST KNIGHTS all about, anyway?) to come very soon!


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    Hi guys, thanks for checking out our site! I’m personally not used to blogging, so I apologize in advance if this FIRST POST isn’t as cool/hip as it could be…I’m pretty busy painting and drawing at the moment (lame excuse). Anyways, thanks again for checking us out, and keep your eyes peeled here for more info on what we’ve got cookin’!

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