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    Hi guys! Look like these updates are gonna come at least once a month or so given how busy we are here; apologies in advance if that’s too infrequent (got a lot of painting/modeling/animating to do still). Anyways, one of the things we’ve been focusing on recently for MIST KNIGHTS  is something for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the game that we hope will get you all motivated to literally “get in the game“:

    An example "MIST KNIGHTS" ID Card...

    An example “MIST KNIGHTS” ID Card…

    Basically, while this tool will be in the game as part of the character creation process, the ID portion (what you see above) will be open to folks who contribute to our Kickstarter campaign. What’s the difference? Well, aside from the personalized ID card you’d receive (an actual physical card that would be mailed to you for the donation), you’ll also be able to help pad out our game’s fictional ship crew. From choosing rank, title, ship section (Command, Engineering, et cetera)  and more, you can literally help us design a portion of our game’s visual story.

    In fact, based on what you’d like to fund us, the character you design with our custom utility can be a principle actor/actress in the game’s narrative! It’s something that we think is a cool idea, and we hope you’ll agree! More on this, our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, as well as game details in general (ie: what the heck is MIST KNIGHTS all about, anyway?) to come very soon!


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